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STAmina apnea trainer

Hold your breath longer underwater with the best freediving apnea trainer – STAmina Apnea Trainer. Apnea trainer helps you with static apnea tables and lung capacity training so you can effectively increase the time when diving underwater.

Breah — breathing exercises

Carefully curated exercises with step-by-step guidance will help you to start breathing mindfully. Exercises are split into Goals and Therapy categories, which will help you find a practice that will be most comfortable and useful for you.

Configurable exercises with voice guides, kalimba sounds, vibro notifications, and binaural nature tracks will help you dive into breathing, enjoy the moment, and improve your well-being.

Apnea Competition Countdown

Automated countdown for freediving competition organisers (AIDA and CMAS).

An easy to use app for competition organisers for setting up an automated countdown. Voice by a professional voice actor. Two-taps import of AIDA starts.

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